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On each of these sites, Bill has worked to experiment with various formats in order to further his capacity to create new and interesting content.  It is these skills that he has taken to this blog in order to continue writing and publishing on a regular basis, pushing his abilities with higher quality content, and establishing a dialogue with the internet community.  On this blog, he will post analytical articles, reviews, short and long form fiction, podcasts and original videos.  Any comments or criticism of any sort are welcome, and readers are always welcome to email him at reviewerinblack@gmail.com.

Game of Thrones 1.08: The Pointy End

Bloody Tough

This is something interesting: an episode directly written by Song of Ice and Fire creator George R. R. Martin. Whether this means it was actually written by him or is a pseudonym for a council of writers is another question, but it catches the eye nonetheless.

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Game of Thrones 1.07: You Win or You Die


Episode 7 starts off with another major character (wow, it’s not until you break it down into episodes that one realizes just how frequently characters are introduced in this series). Tywin Lannister appears straight off the bat and…he looks nothing like how I pictured him. This is particularly noteworthy because while reading the novels, I seem to recall seeing a social media post that Tywin looked exactly like how someone had pictured him in the books. I always pictured him as having a large amount of bright yellow hair and a big bushy mustache. I wish I could tell exactly what Tywin was butchering in this scene; I’d like it to have some sort of symbolic significance, and indeed it very well could be a stag, if only we could see more of it.

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Game of Thrones 1.06: A Golden Crown


Nobody intended it this way, buy Arya’s training with Syrio Forel was essentially her induction into a cult. In reading the books – experiencing all of this information for the first time – it completely escaped my notice that when Arya went to Braavos with nothing but the clothes on her back, she already had tremendous respect for at least one Braavosi. I realized this while watching this episode. This is the first time in the series that “He of Many Faces” is mentioned, although here he is referred to directly as Death.

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Game of Thrones 1.05: The Wolf and the Lion


“The Wolf and the Lion” came as quite a surprise to me – it has the first major scene from characters that never had a point of view in the book (ironically, neither a Wolf nor a Lion). Note that I’m not saying this was a change from the book, but it is very nice of the series (which had the benefit of hindsight, plus communication from George R. R. Martin) to give us these tidbits of things that were left between the (considerably numerous) lines of the five books.

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Game of Thrones 1.04: Cripples, Bastards, and Broken Things



As of episode 4, the series has moved past the major opening events of A Game of Thrones, which will probably influence the color of my analysis somewhat. Not that there are no major events here. Not that there are no major events in “Cripples, Bastards, and Broken Things” – we’re still seeing character introductions here, if at a lesser rate. No, what I mean is that the events that we are likely to see for the rest of the season are ones that I will not be able to draw simple parallels with the novel about (unless I actually flip to the right page), so unless a change is particularly jarring I will be less like to notice and comment on it. Though there is at least one change jarring enough about the series that I will be discussing it here.

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Game of Thrones 1.03: Lord Snow

Jon Snow

I almost forgot to take commentary notes for this episode because I was just enjoying being along for the ride. Part of that is because this episode emphasizes something I came to learn reading the Song of Ice and Fire series: this is a universe where the truly irredeemable get their just desserts. As far as Season 5, this has happened several times, but not to everybody, but starting with the events in this episode, I truly came to believe that this will happen to all of them.

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Game of Thrones 1.02: “The Kingsroad”


As we get to “The Kingsroad”, it seems I’ll be commenting more on the events than on the production. This is going to be very odd for me; my brain tends to gloss over the events of an adaptation, incorporating the new visuals in with the story that is already there along with a healthy coating of “of course that happened”. As the events of the two mediums become more and more distant from one another, this process will be simpler, but for now it’s going to be a bit of a struggle.

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