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Bill Silvia has been publishing content on the internet since 2006.  He began as a writer of horror film-related reviews and articles for Fight-Evil.com, where he continued to publish content until the site stopped carrying articles.  From 2009 through 2011 he published Star Wars and Science Fiction-related reviews and articles for NJOE.com.  In 2010 Bill was one of a number of administrators involved in the founding of Man in Black Reviews (later MiBReviews), and its spin-offs, Tickled Fears and Stars’ End, where he and many contributors who posted written reviews, short form fiction, original videos, and more.  The site closed in early 2013.  Since 2010, Bill has published articles and reviews on Fantasy & SciFi Lovin’ Reviews.

On each of these sites, Bill has worked to experiment with various formats in order to further his capacity to create new and interesting content.  It is these skills that he has taken to this blog in order to continue writing and publishing on a regular basis, pushing his abilities with higher quality content, and establishing a dialogue with the internet community.  On this blog, he will post analytical articles, reviews, short and long form fiction, podcasts and original videos.  Any comments or criticism of any sort are welcome, and readers are always welcome to email him at reviewerinblack@gmail.com.

7 Days of Legends: Introduction

Long-time readers of this blog or my work in general will know that I am a huge fan of Star Wars. Anybody who spends time on the internet will be equally aware that Star Wars has been undergoing some huge changes. I have taken a brief break from discussing Star Wars, both to educate myself on some recent developments and to give time for the internet to calm down with the Episode VII announcements.

It is time for me to resume my chronological look at the Star Wars universe – that is to say, the Star Wars Legends universe. Going forward will be interesting, judging any given material by whether or not it fits as well with the original universe as the rebooted one, and the degree to which these diverge may have a large role in determining whether or not I change my approach while reviewing some newer material.

Before I post any new material, I thought it might be helpful to share some of

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