Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi

Dawn of the Jedi: a Star Wars story released just when I – and many others – was starting to doubt the franchise, and for a lot of reasons.  But there were also a lot of reasons to feel…a new hope…



This essay really says all that I have to say on the outside.  I had really all but given up on Star Wars at the point that I purchased Dawn of the Jedi.  I came across a really good sale on books and I bought Force Storm, Into the Void and several other books.  If these books had sucked, I might have stopped right there.  That was how I was feeling, and why I had gone since Apocalypse within paying attention to any new releases.  Thankfully, Dawn of the Jedi: Force Storm was good, and while Into the Void wasn’t quite to that level, it was good too.  I’m still here.

I was a little skeptical when Dawn of the Jedi was announced.  It came out right around a time that I was feeling a bit disillusioned by Star Wars.  Decisions by writers and editors for Del Rey, decisions involved in the writing of The Clone Wars, ultimately I was feeling like the Star Wars that had been the better part of a decade of my life was over.  I’ve also always had a bit of skepticism about Star Wars comics, not because Dark Horse has ever dropped the ball, but because there’s generally more Star Wars Dark Horse releases in a year than paychecks.  Read the overview here.

What do you think?

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