Star Wars Fan Fiction: Return to Tatooine

Inspired by The Clone Wars, set some time between the Han Solo Adventures and A New Hope. Star Wars BW When I watched The Clone Wars in theatres, this is largely what I took out of it. There were a lot of things in that film – perhaps I should call it a pilot – that didn’t set with what I considered (and still consider) Star Wars to be about. Hence, I set out to make a story that bridged the cartoon with the mood of the original trilogy, and I feel I succeeded.

Darth Vader, one of the most powerful beings in the galaxy by almost any form of measurement, stood once again in the sands of Tatooine. The planet repulsed him. The sand interfered with his life support systems, going so far down as to irritate what remained of his skin. He hated it. He loved it. This world, so far from civizilation and home to some of the most vile life forms he would ever be likely to meet, made him strong in the Dark Side. And so, he tolerated it.  Read Part 1 here.

The threat was clear. Vader would leave satisfied, or he would not leave at all. But overkill and the Tarkin doctrine were trademarks of the Empire now, and Vader felt he had not left enough of an impression on the assembled Hutts. “My followers are important to me,” he stated. “Perhaps as important… as family.”  Read Part 2 here.

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