Video: Top 10 Star Wars Novels

Everyone asks this at one point or another, so while you’re waiting to see my opinions of each era of the Star Wars universe…here are my Top 10 Star Wars novels of all time!


This is one of the last fully produced videos I created before deciding to end the five different webshows I had going on at the time. The reason for that is pretty simple: I had five different webshows going on at the time. While I would expect higher production values from something like this I released today, I don’t look back unfondly on this video.

4 thoughts on “Video: Top 10 Star Wars Novels

  1. HAHA, I laughed out loud when I saw your Sith remake. Amazing. Also, when you featured Shatterpoint in the beginning of your video, I gasped. Truly amazing book maaaan.


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