An Unearthly Podcast Episode 1: Asylum of the Daleks

The crew of the Unearthly Podcast meet for the first time to discuss the return of the Daleks to Doctor Who and Jenna Louise Coleman’s first appearance on the show.  Will they answer the podcast’s offer to “come with me” or are they just looking to get back to Heathrow?

Asylum of the Daleks


An Unearthly Podcast came to be for very simple reasons.  I had just been introduced to a new fandom, and I had been watching it for a few months, but I was watching “reruns” – everything I watched had been on Amazon, save some of the specials that didn’t fit neatly into a season and had to be hunted down.  And when a new season started, I wanted desperately to have someone to talk to about it – someone to speculate with, to talk about what I liked, and so forth.  I didn’t really have such a group, and the one person I knew I could talk with about it has a schedule so far off from mine that it’s a miracle we can talk at all.  So I reached out through the TGWTG forums, met Flynn and Thomas, and was introduced to Randy through Matt, whom I had already worked with a bit over the years.  This was planned so far in advance that we sat down to record before coming up with a name and, as is fairly common with me, I botched it in one of the earlier episodes.


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