Knights of the Old Republic: Introduction

Knights of the Old Republic is a game I’ve heard about for years. However, since it was an Xbox release, I never had the opportunity to try: until a friend of mine introduced me to the PC version.


I knew that once I started working on Knights of the Old Republic, it would be a big deal. I would do a Let’s Play, if I was up for working on a Let’s Play at the time and had any interest in them. Still, I knew there would be a lot to talk about. I originally intended to write this for a gaming blog run by a friend of mine, but he got too busy to do most of the gaming stuff we would work on right around the time I was ready to start posting some of these. Still, this series is going to continue, regardless of whether or not this is posted somewhere else.

Some time ago, in a save file not so far away, I started a new game of Knights of the Old Republic. This is the second attempt I have made at the game. The first time, I struggled, unable to figure out where to get experience on the god-forsaken rock known as Taris. On top of that, I ran head-on and unexpectedly into the most annoying part of the game, facing a shooting segment with slow moving weaponry and no mouse.

Believe me, I will go into more detail about that particular mini-game – the one that I am struggling with witha mouse – once I am past it. Suffice it to say that I have returned to the game, more prepared and for a greater purpose, determined to outlive Taris.

Why am I writing this instead of streaming it? That one is pretty simple. There’s the fact that I am a writer. This is the way I come up with my ideas, and this is the way that they are best delivered. There is the fact that I am focused on the game, which means that narrating what I am doing and trying to be entertaining for the audience while my characters are in a life or death battle is not my idea of a good idea.

After I have paused playing, however, I can gather my thoughts, without you idling while I stop and pee, or worse, shelving the Let’s Play for a month until I make time in my schedule to edit that out. This way I can tell you what motivates me and how I make my decisions about the game, without wasting your time watching me level grind in a wasteland of rakghouls.

Over the next few months, I will give you exactly that, sharing my experiences of Knights of the Old Republic with you while skipping the parts that only the person playing would care about. Most importantly, I will be sharing it with you in a way that I would find interesting as a consumer, rather than the Let’s Play format that is probably guaranteed to be seen by more and make an impression on less. The bottom line is that I am not in a position right now in my writing career to choose something based on how many viewers it will get rather than how it speaks to me as a creator. So, if you’re down, come and join me on my way through Knights of the Old Republic.

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