Scalpel Chapter 2

Featuring Characters by Catherine Cannizzaro

This in particular was a fiction writing project.  Every member of the class created a character, and submitted them to the class.  Then, each character took that cast and wrote a story with it.  Every named character in this story belongs to another author.  Unfortunately, I didn’t keep track of that information.  There will be a form below if you want to claim one of the characters.

As he stepped into the lobby of The Atrium Towers, Jimmy had already begun to do what was necessary. Serena had come in and went up to her room a good 20 minutes ago, and he had been in the parking lot since. He was now dressed in his guise as Harold Potter, and had carefully planned the executions of all who may threaten his anonymity. “Evening, Danielle,” he said, accented and friendly to keep up his role. He waved as he walked past her, and stepped onto the elevator. Traveling upstairs, he decided to have one last pill for the night. He pulled out the last bit of Acid he hadn’t sold and downed it. Then, he hit the button to slow the elevator- he wanted to have the experience under control before the door opened.  Read Chapter 2 here.

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