An Unearthly Podcast Episode 4: The Power of Three

What are these mysterious black boxes appearing all over the world, and what do they have to do with the Doctor?  More importantly, will we care when it’s all over?

The Power of Three


“The Power of Three” is a really strange episode to remember.  On one hand, we meet the Brigadier’s daughter, see the true influence that the Doctor had on U.N.I.T., and the Doctor almost dies.  On the other hand, we have the Doctor being a spaz and playing Wii, a senseless Gallifreyan myth, and an unsatisfying climax.  To this day it’s hard to reconcile the two sides, made all the more jarring by the fact that all of the good things are in the middle.  Despite being a single episode – the equivalent of a Classic Who two-parter – it is paced like four-parter with weak opening and closing episodes.

I never did get to discuss with Flynn the idea of whether or not the themes presented here had any payoff in Angels Take Manhattan.  Flynn wasn’t able to make it to the ATM recording – or the one after – and this is actually the last time that all five original cast members met together for a recording session.  Thomas was with us for a few more videos, but by the time Flynn rejoined us to finish off the season it was just the four of us.


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