Interview by Members

There’s a GIANT ELEPHANT outside your window! What do you do?!?!

Ask him or her why he or she is not in the room, participating in the discussion.

Can you guess who is asking THIS question? 0_O

Yes. Yes I can.

2012, does the world end or did the Mayans not live long enough to finish their own calendar?

Well, my contacts from the future say… hold on, the transmission was cut off.

What is the difference between a Chiss and the city of Denver, Colorado?

When you click the Google results for “Chiss” you don’t see that they changed the actual site name due to typo.

Which NJOER would you most be likely to dress up for Halloween?

Um… can’t they dress up themselves?

When it comes to cookies and cream ice cream, just what the heck is the cream? And for that matter, what kind of cookies are they using?

Oreo, on both accounts. Although in the ice cream, I believe the “cream” turns out to be simply vanilla.

How long before you start watching LOST and realizing how zomgawesome it is?

Until I watch it over someone’s shoulder while something particularly interesting is happening on screen.

Who would win in a fight: the Iurus-DJ-Max Megazord or the
Beastie Boys’ “Intergalactic” Robot?

The Iurus-DJ-Max, as the hyphens imply, is the equivalent to the Ninja Mega Falconzord, while the Beastie Boys’ Robot is obviously the equivalent to only a puny Megazord. IT wouldn’t stand a chance.

You can only pick one: would to prefer to float like a butterfly or sting like a bee?

Butterflies get torn apart by animals that fear bee stings, so I’ll go with the latter, thanks.

You can will into existence one working version of a famous movie gadget or vehicle: which one do you choose?

A neuralizer. Seriously, the ability to make people forget things at will? Who wouldn’t use the hell out of that?

Honorable mention is the Batmobile. Seriously, if one were to will into existence the definitive Batmobile, taking into account all of the movies (even if TV, and therefore Bat Shark Repellant, is disqualified), you’d have almost every theoretical gadget known to man, in a vehicle that can drive, fly and float.

Fill in the blank:

This interview is time-consuming.

Why don’t you ___________ (with a spoon )

I want to have your monies

Make me care

Beam me up Jenny

What is the one weapon guaranteed to ward off ravenous zombies when the entire world has fallen to a zombie plague in the end days of the apocalypse?

Is your mom helping you answer these questions?

No, she’s rather making it more difficult.

Like the Full House theme song asks, Whatever happened to predicability?

It found Hollywood and the music industry.

When was the last time you were naked in public?

Depends on how public we’re talking about.

Why does everything apparently taste like chicken?

Because people have no imagination. I have yet to experience anything that tastes like chicken.

You know how KFC always goes on about this secret ingredient they use? Well… its the bodily remains of Colonel Sanders, isn’t it?

I’m sorry, I can’t tell you that.

If your partner had a baby, would you call it Optimus Prime, Megatron, Witchy-Poo or Mr Magoo?

Megatron would be an awesome name.

Which is better: McDonalds or KFC ? Can you guess who asked you this ?

McDonalds is garbage; KFC is generally decent to good. And maybe not, if it weren’t for the wording of the next question.

What is the most epic lolcat ? Can you guess who asks you again ?

Well, Xion, I would probably say the most epic of the lolcats may be……64995612b5f3cf8697f7.jpg

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