What’s Up With Me?

I didn’t intend to make this sort of post.  It’s supposedly more likely to scare away new readers than to placate existing ones, and this blog is new enough to have a fairly small audience as it is.

That said, I promised a certain number of posts per day.  I haven’t delivered on this.  I do want you to know that most of these posts are 90% written, if not more, and the ones that aren’t are written in my head.  They are coming, and when I finally have an uninterrupted day in which to package everything into a form that WordPress likes, posts will come at an accelerated rate until I have made up for several days lacking posts.

The reasons for these lack of posts are myriad.  It takes me longer to type than it used to, due to my aging computer.  I’ve had personal issues that have made it difficult for me to string words together, and other personal issues that made it difficult to spend time in front of a computer screen when I could be helping other people.  I’ve started a new job.  I’ve continued to work my full time job.  None of these are great excuses, but the majority of these things are items that I’ve either worked past or gotten to the point where they will no longer have a negative impact on my schedule.

I don’t intend to make this sort of post again.  It’s not good for me, and it’s not fair to you.  I may make further posts going into some of these issues, but only if I feel it’s relevant to what we’re doing here.  In the meantime, we can consider January to be a dry run.  I promise you, February will be the real thing.

What do you think?

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