Upturn Part 4

Upturn is a story that I started to write in 2007.  It was originally intended to be a group of 500-word points of view, but ended up being too big.  Most of the entries are introductions to a new character’s story as part of a larger, incomplete epic.

I started writing Upturn in 2007.  This is around the time that I realized there are two things that I’m really good at: planning, and starting stories.  I had hundreds of pages of planning for this story, and virtually everything I wrote is an introduction.  What I realized I needed a lot of practice on, on the other hand, was moving forward.  I’m still not as good at writing Act Two as I am Act One, but considering that I’m a hell of a lot better at writing Act One than a lot of amateurs are, I won’t consider that too harsh of a measurement of my progress.

The straw that broke the camel’s back was a pebble that broke through the puppy’s cracked rib, spraying blood on the ground and opening the way for more fatal injuries. Unfortunately, straws rarely fall one at a time, and it was impossible to tell which was the straw.  Read Part 4.

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