7 Days of Fiction–FE/Marvel: Strips 4-6

In 2006, I began an overly ambitious project (overly ambitious because it was never able to continue beyond its first installment) to merge Fight-Evil.com with the Marvel Universe.

Its tone is… well, that.  It’s all the humor of Fight-Evil (think a crass Silver Age comic) mixed with the mythology of Marvel.  Crash Dummie of http://www.TheSlashersComic.com started to draw the first installment into a comic, which I’ll begin posting here. 

There is some extreme imagery in the text, so if you’d rather avoid that I’d stick to the comics or avoid this story altogether.

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Movie Review: 2014’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles



Since before I can remember, I have been a fan of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. One of the earliest things I can remember owning is a TMNT lunchbox. While I had largely given up after school television by the time the second animated incarnation came around and didn’t know about it until after its cancellation, I enjoyed watching The Next Mutation every day after school.

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7 Days of Fiction: Upturn Chapter 5

I feel the need to mention that this is a rather old piece of work, as much of the fiction that I post on this. I say this because it is rather crude, and initially intended to be the opening to this serial story. I was uncomfortable enough with presenting this shock value chapter on its own to remove it from the opening, but it is still part of the whole, and I am presenting it unchanged from how it was first published (had I never published it on MiBReviews, I might feel more open to changing this sub-plot now). Should I return to this story, I may address some of the lazier elements, but for now, I am publishing this as is, with this disclaimer.


“I, uh,” she couldn’t tell him that she didn’t, that she’d never loved him. Not again. Not today.

Andrew had been one of the first people Becky met after she graduated from her small high school. Like Becky, Andrew had never traveled much into civilization in his teen years. There was a small settlement about a dozen kilometers from his home, which is where he had met everyone outside of his family in his life to that point. Upon reaching adulthood, Andrew began traveling to Light City, a small city but the largest he had ever seen, where he bartered for goods and earned money. Light City is where the 18 year old met Becky, and he instantly fell in love.

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