7 Days of Fiction: Eating Samantha Out

This work is part of an anthology that I am working on. I don’t want to say much about it, as its surprise is its primary function. I will say to be ready for anything, and expect the unexpected.


Samantha lay across the bed, the sheets helping to cool her skin, her heart pumping fast. David was draped over her, his actions hot and involved just as his skin remained cold to the touch. As he tore her blouse off, buttons popping off with the suddenness of action, the touch of his hand across her warm breast made her tremble, her nipples standing erect.

David suddenly through the remains of Samantha’s blouse on the floor before pulling apart her skirt in the same way. Her black skirt was pulled apart, the zipper left all but useless, before he reached down and touched her thong. Blood red against her tan skin, he admired its beauty before taking the crimson material between his sharp teeth and pulling it down.

Samantha moaned as David and the thong slid down her shapely, smooth legs. She gasped as he rubbed on first her thighs, then her calves, and finally rested his hands on her ankles before laying her thong beneath them. Standing, David wasted little time in removing his own shirt, dropping it onto the floor and revealing his sculpted chest to Samantha.

David returned to his knees. He probed between Samantha’s legs with his long fingers, eliciting a moan of response. He licked her thighs, her labia, and finally in between. He absolutely loved the taste of her, especially her juices. Liquid love. There was something about women, particularly the women of this region; even the scent of them, their sweat, drove him wild. Samantha here drove every one of his senses wild as she moaned. The best thing about it was that he knew she was completely under his spell, and would stay that way until he was done with her.

David licked his way up her body, his wiry muscles moving over her soft, curvy flesh. He gave her brief, little nibbles and hickeys across her body, leaving a trail of red drops up her stomach to her breasts. If anything, this made her skin more attractive to him. He licked her stomach, his pale flesh standing out starkly against her tan. He placed his hands to either side of her, on top of her hair: black hair, darker than anything else on the bed. It would stay that way, forever, even if the person wearing it withered and died.

The man made his way to Samantha’s weighty, firm breasts. He nipped at each of them before sucking on them long and hard. It was a heady sensation, made even more so by her throaty moaning. David continued up her collarbone, skipping her neck to hover over her face. He looked her in the eyes; Samantha was completely entranced by the sensations David had given her. He grinned, toothily, and then, he sank his teeth into her neck.

Fangs tore through soft flesh. Samantha didn’t resist, though her heart was beating enough for two of them. Blood sprayed out through the wound, and David drank it all in. Liquid love. He just loved the taste of it so much. So, so much.

When he finished, David stood and looked into the mirror. His face was covered in Samantha’s juices after they had gushed and splattered on him for the past five minutes. And they sparkled.

It was good to be on the winning side of this war.

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