7 Days of Legends: Introduction

Long-time readers of this blog or my work in general will know that I am a huge fan of Star Wars. Anybody who spends time on the internet will be equally aware that Star Wars has been undergoing some huge changes. I have taken a brief break from discussing Star Wars, both to educate myself on some recent developments and to give time for the internet to calm down with the Episode VII announcements.

It is time for me to resume my chronological look at the Star Wars universe – that is to say, the Star Wars Legends universe. Going forward will be interesting, judging any given material by whether or not it fits as well with the original universe as the rebooted one, and the degree to which these diverge may have a large role in determining whether or not I change my approach while reviewing some newer material.

Before I post any new material, I thought it might be helpful to share some of

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Film Review: 2005’s Hostel



This is one of the first review reviews I’ve ever written. That’s not to say that this is in its original form, but the basic content of this review is one from 2006, and was written in between my reviews of Nightmare on Elm Street sequels. From my memories of the film, I still stand by what is said – otherwise I would not be republishing this – but I definitely wouldn’t mind rewatching this movie and adding some new thoughts to it. I’ve come across some interesting pieces on the relationship between this film and both how Americans act and are seen, and I can definitely see this; as I’ve mentioned, this is a genre largely tied to “First World Problems”. The girls selling the boys’ bodies is something worth taking a look at as well, which of course goes completely the opposite direction in the sequel, but I’m trying not to judge a sequel that I have yet to watch.

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