Star Wars Review: Tales of the Jedi–Ulic Qel-Droma and the Beastriders of Onderon

In 1991, Kevin J Anderson began a prologue – a “prequel”, if you will – to the established Star Wars universe. What happened would change the world forever – but for better, or worse?


Tales of the Jedi: Ulic Qel-Droma and the Beastriders of Onderon, shares a special place in my heart with Heir to the Empire and A New Hope. I experienced all of these in my youth, and they engendered a deep love of Star Wars in me, as well as an idea of just how expansive the idea of Star Wars was. Each was the start of a grand saga, and in the case of two of them (you can guess which two), it would be years until I got my hands on the end of the saga. I’ll give you a hint: it’s the two that I didn’t watch in theatres.

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7 Days of Classic Who: An Unearthly Child (episode)


Two high school teachers, standing around between classes, have a conversation about an impossible student. This girl is an utter genius who knows science they can’t imagine and seems to have an intimate knowledge with the details of history, yet somehow not only is her homework suffering, but the basic minutiae of everyday life escapes. This, somehow, is the conversation that spawned what is, to this day, still the longest-running Science Fiction franchise on television.

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7 Days of Classic Who: Destiny of the Doctor–Hunters of Earth


“Hunters of Earth” is the first in the Destiny of the Doctor series released by AudioGo and Big Finish. This series was released to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, and while it is not clear listening to the initial installments if this is all intended to be a single linear story, it is equally clear that there is more to each story than just each individual episode. The first episode takes place before the Doctor has met up with Ian and Barbara – indeed, within the week prior to “An Unearthly Child”. This doesn’t come close to making it the first story featuring the First Doctor, but it does place it in a special position.

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FE/Marvel Strips 7-9

In 2006, I began an overly ambitious project (overly ambitious because it was never able to continue beyond its first installment) to merge with the Marvel Universe.

Its tone is… well, that.  It’s all the humor of Fight-Evil (think a crass Silver Age comic) mixed with the mythology of Marvel.  Crash Dummie of started to draw the first installment into a comic, which I’ll begin posting here. 

There is some extreme imagery in the text, so if you’d rather avoid that I’d stick to the comics or avoid this story altogether.

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