Pokemon Omega Ruby: KOTOR Nuzlocke #1: Revan and Trask

KOTOR Nuzlocke

Since I’ve been playing a few ongoing RPGs with replay value, I thought it only fair that I chronicled some of what I’ve done. Beside that, I’ve already started to post some Knights of the Old Republic blog entries, so it’s not that far off from what I’d planned to do anyway.

That, and common expectation is that if you do a Nuzlocke, you either record it as a Let’s Play or you draw a comic about it. I am doing neither, so you’ll have to settle for blog entries.

To start with, this is a Pokemon Omega Ruby Knights of the Old Republic Nuzlocke. That means I’m using the rules in the image below to play Pokemon Omega Ruby. The rules will most likely need to be expanded over time, but as I do not yet know the order of companions for Knights of the Old Republic II, I’m hoping that this will suffice until I get to that point. For those who aren’t familiar with Nuzlocke, suffice it to say that the first two rules are pretty much universal, plus the general “all Pokemon must be nicknamed” and a smattering of other rules depending on the player. I will be following the Ebon Hawk rules and the Mega rules dictated above.

Character Creation: Who Am I?

I found myself at a loss as to what to name the Player Character, so I went with Revan. I chose the male, because the last Omega Ruby playthrough I did was as a female and because Revan is a male (even though I wasn’t too concerned about canon, just like with any playthrough of KOTOR). The first thing I noticed here is that while if you play as a female, you have to deal with the fact that Brendan is a sexist douche who is upset that a girl moved in, May has nothing to say about your gender. Well, since the game isn’t immediately being hostile to me, that seems like an improvement.

For my starter, I actually went a bit of a meta route: since the rules I’ve selected do not make any special allowances for picking up extra Pokemon for HM slaves, I figured it will make things much easier down the line to have a Swampert over either of the other starters. Of course, I’ve also played through games with Blaziken and Sceptile, so that’s another reason that Mudkip was a natural choice. I named him Blue Saber, and he had a Hasty Nature with no perfect Ivs.

Companion Quest 1: Trask Ulgo

By the rules of this Nuzlocke, Trask could be a Light (Fairy), Human (Normal), or Soldier (Fire, Rock or Fighting) Pokemon. In Route 101, the only qualifying Pokemon is Zigzagoon. As a result, I went out of my way not to encounter any Pokemon on the Endar Spire (Route 101) before I had Pokeballs. I ended up fighting the mandatory Wurmple, beat May and got my Pokeballs. I fought three Sith (two Wurmples and a Poochyena) came up to Trask (a level 2 Zigzagoon) and attacked him once to weaken him before capturing.

The single Tackle ended up being a Critical hit, and instant death for Trask. I’m assuming that Darth Bandon was influencing the chance of a critical hit in this fight. The end result was that despite my best efforts, Trask did not survive to land on Taris. Immediately thereafter, May (who I am going to be referring to as Darth Bandon for the rest of the playthrough) pitted me against a Dark Jedi (Zigzagoon) with Fire Fang, whom Blue Saber quickly disposed of.

What do you think?

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