Pokemon Omega Ruby KOTOR Nuzlocke #2: Welcome to Taris


Welcome back to the Pokemon Omega Ruby: Knights of the Old Republic Nuzlocke playthrough! Last week we started the game and witnessed the death of Trask Ulgo at the hands of Darth Bandon. This week, we start to deal with the many challenges presented by Taris!


Companion Quest 2: Carth Onasi

Carth is the same alignment, race and class as Trask, which is actually slightly less limiting in later routes than in 101. Still, I forgot that Ralts (Psychic/Fairy) actually qualified, so I made my way to Route 104 where I could catch a Swellow rather than the much more common Zigzagoon. It’s true that I hadn’t actually caught a Zigzagoon, but almost every route for about half the game has a very good chance that the companion caught there will be a Zigzagoon, so I decided to hedge my bets.

In Route 102, I encountered a Surskit. As a Bug/Water, it does not qualify for me to capture it, and I can only assume with Fell Stinger that it was the Sith fought in the hotel. Prior to meeting Carth, I helped an apprentice (which one can only assume is Darth Malak) catch a Ralts. Pretty sneaking converting a Fairy-type to your cause, Malak, but I know it’s not going to stay that way.

I made my way to Route 104 and caught the Swellow I had been hoping for – Calm with Guts. It was at this point that I stopped trying to calculate IVs because Serebii’s Individual Value Calculator was telling me that Carth’s stats were impossible. Carth was level 5 at this meeting.

Companion Quest 3: Mission Vao

Mission is the first non-human, non-Soldier companion, meaning that I would find Mission once I found my next Fairy, Normal, Ground, Water, Ice or Poison-type. Since I was making my way back through Route 102, where I had caught nothing yet, this was where I met Mission. Mission was a Level 3 Synchronize Ralts. Timid, too, so, combined with Synchronize she gives a very good chance of ensuring that I can find special (ranged) sweepers.

Companion Quest 4: Zaalbar

Wookiees don’t have all that many different capabilities from humans, but as a Scout, Zaalbar could be a Grass, Bug or Electric-type. I was hoping to find a Surskit, but apparently the Wookiee part of him overtook the Scout part of him (as it has in the case of everyone who used Zaalbar primarily as a Power Attacker instead of a technician).

From Route 103, I made my way back to 102 through the sewers. I fought a Poochyena – presumably a Gamorrean – before meeting Zaalbar, a Level 3 Timid Zigzagoon with Gluttony.

Companion Quest 5: Bastila Shan

The quest to rescue Bastila from the Black Vulkars introduces our first tragedy of the story. Despite a type and level advantage, Carth fell to a Seedot using Bide as I was traveling through each Route and talking to trainers to see if they could provide any useful items. Mission was fighting the Seedot, and retreated to the better trained Carth. The Seedot survived Carth’s Peck and immediately hit him back with Bide, killing him instantly. Zaalbar avenged him the following turn with a Tackle.

From there, with a heavy heart, we made our way to Petalburg Woods, the next route that we had not met a companion. After the swoop race, we encountered Bastila. As there are no Psychic, Water or Ice types for a Jedi Sentinel or Fairy types for a Light alignment, our Human equivalent turned out to be a Slakoth. In this case, a Jolly one. Underwelming for now, but I expect great things once she evolves into a Vigoroth.

There’s a lot more to do, so next week we have more companions to meet, and Sith Commanders to fight!

What do you think?

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