Pokemon Omega Ruby KOTOR Nuzlocke #3–2 B a Jedi


Welcome back to the Pokemon Omega Ruby: Knights of the Old Republic Nuzlocke playthrough! Last week we welcomed four new members to the team, although one of them met his untimely death at the hands of a wild Seedot. We’ve traveled through Petalburg Woods with Bastila, and are ready to prepare for the first badge.

Companion Quest 6: T3-M4, Utility Droid

While I might have been ready to rush the gym in an Easy-mode game, I wasn’t interested in taking Blue Saber (Mudkip), Mission (Ralts), Zaalbar (Zigzagoon), and Bastila (Slakoth) right to the gym without some training. I particularly wanted a Ground-type, knowing there to be Ground/Bug-types up north, plus some leveling. I probably shouldn’t have bothered, because it’s going to be quite a while before Nincada learns any decent moves, but I still wanted to add someone to my time.

This quest was not without its own perils, though. Zaalbar got into a fight with Youngster Joey, using Echoed Voice as his Bowcaster to beat Zigzagoon and almost one-shot a Machop…who responded by one-shotting him with a critical hit. The team quickly stopped Machop, but it was too late for Zaalbar. After beating Joey, we managed to pick up T3-M4, a Relaxed Nincada with Compound Eyes, by putting it to sleep in Route 116.

Companion Quest 7: Canderous Ordo, Future Mandalore

Before going on to another route, it was finally time to tackle the Sith base with T3-M4’s help. The various trainers here did not put up too much of a fight, although it was clear that this T3 did not have the moveset to be as useful in a fight as the flamethrower-using, dual-wielding T3-M4 that helped me out in Bioware’s version of the game.

Upon reaching Sith Commander Roxanne, I put Blue Saber out to ensure the least amount of risk with her rock-types. The end result was that Blue Saber beat Roxanne completely, with no additional help. As a reward, he evolved into Marshtomp, and looks ridiculous.

From there, I went on to fight Bendak Starkiller, member of Team Magma, in the Rusturf Tunnel. Upon defeating him, I met only one Whismur in the tunnel, who became Canderous. Canderous is Timid, meaning that he is a special sweeper, specialized in heavy weapons.

Companion Quest 8: Juhani, Cathar Survivor

This is a pretty big stretch in the original Knights of the Old Republic – a difficult dungeon, the first Star Map, and several other quests. It’s not quite as big of a stretch in the KOTOR Nuzlocke, though it does involve taking a ride to another place (thereby keying in the need to catch the Ebon Hawk next time I meet a flying type), beating a gym leader (whose two Pokemon we’re going to take to be Davik and Juhani) and then going into the cave.

Mission dominated this gym, much as she tends to do in outlaw bases. Unfortunately, the combination of Seismic Toss (ignoring her double resistance against Fighting) and No Guard (ignoring her Stealth/Double Team) led to her quick death at the hands of Davik. Blue Saber finished him off, as well as Juhani.

From there, I made my way to the cave, where I was intended to meet with the Jedi Council. There, I met Juhani as a wild Careful Makuhita with Thick Fat, and caught her. It would have been nice if she was an Abra to make use of her Force powers, though.

With that, we have left Dantooine and are on to find the Star Maps!

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