Television Shows: March 16 to March 22

It’s time for another round of TV commentaries! We’ve got a full board this week; at least as full as it will be for the foreseeable future.

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: One of Us focused mainly on Skye’s father, whom I had actually forgotten about in the months since he last appeared on the show. That, and examining Skye after it was finally revealed in the previous episode what was going on with her. Here, we have a group of supervillains up against S.H.I.E.L.D., which may bode well for the future. On a personal level, I did find this to be a fun episode, as the villains built up their team and we learned more about May’s past.

The Flash: Out of Time is just what a show needs after coming back after a break. Sisko discovers who Wells really is, and gets the reward of his real name (thereby saving us from the risk of an unnecessary retcon). Barry and Iris’s relationship changes – implicitly changing the other relationships, unless this turns out to be a Xanlow. Honestly, while I applaud their finally getting together, the constant dating drama that the Arrow/Flash team thinks is necessary to maintaining viewers is probably the most frustrating part of the shows. We know that Black Canary and Green Arrow have dated for decades, we know that Iris was always with Barry, please let’s just move past that to something interesting, okay? Not that a little bit of it is a cardinal sin, but they are severely overdoing it with both shows. Oh, and Iris knows who Barry is, which is also cool. I’m sure this will cause drama at work, so maybe the relationship drama can…who am I kidding?

Arrow: The Offer has convinced me that Oliver Queen chose Intelligence as his dump stat. It would have taken two minutes to explain why he didn’t tell Laurel’s father about Sarah, and he’s considering turning his back on all of his own arguments because a girl that he broke up with is dating someone else. Admittedly, taking someone who is both gorgeous and brilliant off the market is a blow to everyone in that universe who dates women (and no, it would not surprise me in the slightest to find Nyssa and Felicity boinking in a season or so), but Oliver’s decisions in this season have had me starting to wonder if every success he’s ever had was the result of dumb luck. Oliver Queen was never known for his smarts, but at least he used to be charming and have a best friend who was Green Lantern; this version has neither of those virtues.

Power Rangers Dino Charge: Let Sleeping Zords Lie. After all the KyoryuCyan memes lately, I’m going to have trouble getting used to “Aquamarine”. I can understand why they did it, but that doesn’t mean that assuming kids these days are too stupid to figure out what Cyan is is the right call. Interesting how successful the bad guys are at finding Energems. I sure hope there’s not a Navy (or will they call it “Dark Blue”) one out there that they might find before the Rangers.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Casey Jones vs the Underworld was an episode I actually expected to be Casey-focused. Well, it was to the extent that any other episode has been, but not entirely. It’s a story about Casey going off half-cocked and surviving as a combination of dumb luck and having friends. It works as a story about how even a lone wolf benefits from having friends to fall back on, but the start of the episode (focusing on how he was left out of the Battle of New York) plus him being the butt of the turtles jokes (Leonardo is the first to laugh when he point out that while he succeeded in stopping a crime, no, he didn’t beat the Purple Dragons, and the rest of the turtles follow suit) does a better job of making it seem as if Casey is completely inept and wears that mask because he should be wearing a helmet. I’ve never been a huge fan of Casey in this series (I’m an Apritello fan), and even I feel this one was a little harsh towards him.

What do you think?

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