Pokemon Omega Ruby Knights of the Old Republic Nuzlocke #5: Declaration–The First Game is Complete

Welcome back to the Pokemon Omega Ruby: Knights of the Old Republic Nuzlocke playthrough! Last week we got our wings and looked at our rules for our 11th through 16th companions. Not to mention finally getting up to a 6 man team (including the Hawk)!


We only paused our KOTOR II rules update, so let’s continue with that for a bit, shall we? After Bao Dur, most male players will have two more companions caught in short order. It’s arguable that Visas can be caught later (though in my personal playthrough she turned out to be the one that I picked up on my first visited planet of Korrivan), but if you get the Handmaiden, she will be next, so let’s look at these two first.

Handmaiden: For those who have only played the female playthrough, you may find yourself scratching your head, but for those who have played as male there is a Soldier/Guardian (aka the most offensively-oriented Jedi in the game unless you’re playing as a Guardian/Weapon Master) that you can pick up here. The Echani are near-human, so without any sort of special abilities that would affect typing (though arguably they may be a better candidate for Fighting than Normal) she has the following options: Fairy, Normal, Fire, Rock, Fighting, Psychic or Dragon.

Visas Marr: While it’s certainly possible to get other characters before Visas, her appearance is pretty much “on your first planet” in most cases, rather than on a specific one. So, while you can fudge this, I won’t be. Visas is a Dark Side Miraluka (so Psychic instead of Normal) Jedi Sentinel, so she can be Dark, Psychic, Water or Ice.

There are five more companions, all of them after these and in relatively random order, so we’ll discuss those next week.

Companion Quest #10: HK-47

We’re picking up here with a party of Blue Saber, Bastila, T3-M4, Canderous, Juhani and Ebon Hawk. For the time being, Jolee is in the box. Before going any farther, I stop to train the full team up to level 15. I know that a fight with Bandon (May) is coming up soon, so I want my team to be ready for pretty much anything. Blue Saber makes it to level 20 at about the same time.

Then I go back to pick up HK-47. Now, I could wait until after I fight Bandon, make it to the next route, and probably either catch another Makuhita (unlikely, since I can scout out what I’m fighting before getting into the fight) or a Machop. Or, I can catch something unusual in an unusual place.

So, I go back to Route 109 and fish. I could have done this in Dewford Town or Slateport City; really, any place without land is going to have a very similar variety, especially while I only have an Old Rod. Either way, there is exactly one Pokemon I can catch at this point in the game that is Dark, Steel, Fire, Rock or Fighting, and that is Mega Gyarados.

Of course, catching a Mega Gyarados means boxing a Magikarp until I get to Mt Pyre and can run around for Gyaradosite. So, after beating two Tentacools, I catch a broken HK-47. I guess I need to find some pieces for him – is this KOTOR II HK-47 already?

That question brings me back to an important one: will I be catching T3-M4 2.0 next, or 3C-FD? I’m actually going to go with the first option, even though I already have T3-M4. Why is this? Well, the original rules called for 10 catches, and 2 badges in, we’re through with that. KOTOR II has 11 original companions, which will probably be finished well before eight badges. The second game includes exactly three companions carried over from the first game, so while it won’t be hugely distracting, it will stretch us out to a total of 24 Pokemon (plus the Hawk). If this doesn’t get us through to the end, I will need to make another decision, but for now, let’s see where this gets us.

What do you think?

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