Slave Leia is the Sexiest Costume I’ve Seen


In this article’s sister on Fantasy & SciFi Lovin Reviews, I talked a lot about the effects of a widespread national acceptance of a costume that consists largely of scraps of metal and cloth nonchalantly deflecting public decency laws and the emotional benefits for the wearer of the costume. This is an “after” view, of course; it is an analysis that could not be made before the costume became a convention staple. It has nothing to do with what came before, or what the costume meant in its original context.

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Lords of the Sith full review!

Lords of the Sith

The cover of Lords of the Sith features Darth Vader and the Emperor, each employing their signature form of aggression. Vader is rushing forward with his lightsaber while his Master stands off to the side, unleashing bolts of Force lightning. The blurb speaks of a dire mission the two must undertake together. Read the full review here.