Game of Thrones 1.02: “The Kingsroad”


As we get to “The Kingsroad”, it seems I’ll be commenting more on the events than on the production. This is going to be very odd for me; my brain tends to gloss over the events of an adaptation, incorporating the new visuals in with the story that is already there along with a healthy coating of “of course that happened”. As the events of the two mediums become more and more distant from one another, this process will be simpler, but for now it’s going to be a bit of a struggle.

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Game of Thrones 1.01: “Winter is Coming”


The first thing that I notice about “Winter is Coming” is that for a show that is known for its violence and nudity, they sure seem to shy away from it a lot. This is either because people see a nipple and immediately proclaim that the entire show is about sex, or simply because this is the pilot and they were still trying to figure out what they could get away with. I’m actually leaning very much toward the latter at this point; the acting too gives an indication of finding its footing and not knowing where to go.

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Game of Thrones: An Introduction



Starting today, I will be doing an episode by episode look at Game of Thrones, in an attempt to catch up with the past seasons of content before the start of the next season this spring. I have enough knowledge of the show and the setting that I feel this introduction is relevant to the discussion.

Let me start with my history with the show.

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