Game of Thrones 1.08: The Pointy End

Bloody Tough

This is something interesting: an episode directly written by Song of Ice and Fire creator George R. R. Martin. Whether this means it was actually written by him or is a pseudonym for a council of writers is another question, but it catches the eye nonetheless.

This episode continues the drama from the previous episode, as battle rages throughout the Red Keep. Syrio dies defending Arya, and she proceeds to get her first kill from a boy that tries to turn her in to the queen. This means that three main characters have got their first kills this season (not counting the direwolves): Tyrion, Bran, and Arya. Possibly Theon, though I doubt it, and Robb I’m pretty sure has his first kill offscreen, though probably not yet, considering the North has yet to march.

Speaking of the North, Robb does make the call for his bannermen to rally. There are a few shots on Theon as he does so…is he supporting his foster brother in the war effort, or simply watching a scheme to return to the Iron Islands come to fruition?

The Greatjon is first introduced in this episode. I don’t believe his name is ever spoken, and I’m curious how large of a role he’s going to play. By and large, he’s primarily a comic relief/worldbuilding character, though there are some plot points that center on him which may encourage the show writers to expand the character and his family.

It seems that I’m always saving Daenerys’s plot for last. That’s probably because it tends to be difficult to have functioning segue-ways into her plot. Especially with Robert no longer after her head (though I could have mentioned that he changed his mind about the assassination last episode, after the attempt had already been carried out).

Several scenes that begin a chain reaction occur here. Daenerys encounters a dothraki raid for the first time, and sees the raping of the women. This leads her to interfere, and one of Drogo’s men to challenge him. The first few times I saw this scene I didn’t think too much of it, other than knowing that this leads to the infection that eventually costs him his life. However, upon rewatching it for this commentary, I’ve come to realize that there is no infection until the maegi begins to treat him. Like Littlefinger and Theon, this seems to be a scheme that is planted long before it comes to fruit, hidden in plain sight.

What do you think?

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