Pokémon Sun and Moon Wishes: Alolan Form Interlude

Since I’ve started posting my Top 10 Wishes for Pokémon Sun and Moon (several entries of which require extensive rewriting due to news released since I originally wrote them), a new group of Pokémon including 8 announced members has sprung to the forefront of the discussion. Almost overnight, the discussion changed from prospective Megas (though I do have more that I want to talk about – one of those things that requires extensive rewriting) to prospective Alolan Forms. So how’s about I give my spin on this topic?


For the purposes of this article (seeing as how it’s a mostly textual medium and I have a lot of other articles to get to) I will be using images I find and credit on the internet. However, if you’re interested in seeing my vision of these characters, please comment below and I’ll put some serious Photoshop time in. I am also sticking with Generation I because thus far those are the only ‘mons confirmed for regional types…which makes this feel even more like the Orange Islands are in Alola.

Let’s start with one that I actually hope they won’t do, just because these Pokémon so recently got Mega Forms. Still, if the rumors are true and an entire alternate universe was introduced to include Mega Forms only for us to return to the world without them, it would make sense, and the Pokémon Company can guarantee that people will want them.

Alolan Venusaur, Charizard, and Blastoise.

fire_venusaur_by_thomascnm-d5nw75pI’m going to go all out for these, because why not. Venusaur was always a particularly powerful player on a Sun team, and Alola is particularly known for its heavy amount of sunlight, even if that’s only influenced one Alolan Form so far. I’m picturing Alolan Venusaur going that step farther and being a Grass/Fire type. Poison doesn’t really fit Alola very well, but Grass certainly does, and a Venusaur that could survive a volcanic region would definitely have a better chance of surviving.

For an ability, Drought would be perfect, but potentially overpowered. Chlorophyll would still be a good fit. Of course, they tend to prefer to keep minimalist abilities for Starters, so it’s likely it would remain as is.

charizard_retyping__water__by_cordahk-d9818u8Alolan Charizard is almost too easy and difficult at the same time. Mega Charizard X already got the type that people have wanted Charizard to have for decades. It seems almost a cop-out to suggest that it be his Alolan type. Instead, I like the idea of making him a bit more like Volcanion: a Fire/Water-type who runs on steam. Alola is a region of islands and as a Fire-type he loses a lot of his mobility unless he gains the ability to survive water. Granted this is a bit extreme (I just compared Alolan Charizard to a mythical Pokémon with a unique type) but it’s more exciting to talk about an amphibious steam dragon than a Water/Flying. Swift Swim would probably be a good ability that highlights this unique monster.

electric_blastoise_c2___p1_by_ariellamoonstone-d486xswFor some reason, I see Alolan Blastoise as a Water/Electric. It might be the way the color scheme of those two types sounds like a Hawaiian shirt design, or it might be the way it helps keep the balance between these three okemon once retyped. Of course, a Water/Grass might work better in the balance, but it’s relatively boring and any concept I can come up with is too close to the Lotad line for my comfort. A Water/Electric Blastoise seems more like a partying islander, which may be a bit of a stereotype but it’s not a negative one in this context so I’m okay with borrowing it here. Lightning Rod seems like the perfect ability.

Alolan Nidoking and Nidoqueen

Nidoking and Nidoqueen are two Pokémon that have gotten a lot of attention in Pokémon Go that were relatively ignored before. On top of this, they are the first time that a single species received different forms, even if that difference is about 90% cosmetic. It would be nice to see a nod to this in regional variances.

FightingNidoking.png~originalNidoking has always seemed more aggressive than Nidoqueen, so I think a Poison/Fighting would work perfectly for a new form. Actually, that seems a little too restrictive…something that would be fit for a Mega. Alolan Nidoran doesn’t even need to be a Poison type, so when we take that into consideration we could end up with something really new, like a Rock/Fighting type.

If Nidoran becomes a Rock-type, what about Nidoqueen? A Rock/Ground type would basically be Rhydon. How about a Rock/Psychic type? That’s not as rare of a type, but I think it fits the ‘mon better than many alternatives.

tumblr_mpbnfx0PSI1qmhsmao1_500If both are going to be completely unique, I actually prefer Nidoking to be Rock/Dark (which fits its character almost as well as Rock/Fighting) and Nidoqueen to be mega_nidoqueen_by_phatmon66-d7do3j2the Rock/Fighting one. That avoids a lot (if not all) of the potential domestic violence allusions that could be drawn from the male counterpart being a physically aggressive type that’s supereffective against the woman…switching it is not perfect, but it’s also not as likely to be upsetting to as many people.

Let’s do one more. Trying to avoid ‘mons that other people or leaks have been talking about, so let’s go with…

Alolan Slowking

I never liked the fact that Slowking has the same type as Slowbro. It was introduced at the same time as Politoed and Bellossom, which didn’t exactly have the most original typing, but were at least different from their counterparts. The only difference between Slowbro and Slowking is that Slowking looks cooler, Slowbro has a mega, and a few stat points (which could easily be offset by EVs) in the same relative realm. It’s not even like one is defensive and the other is offensive.


Slowking has always seemed a bit tropical to me, doubly so in the anime. This makes it a perfect fit for an Alolan Form.

While Politoed and Bellossom lost their secondary types (Fighting and Poison) compared to the originals of their line, I like the idea of Alolan Slowking becoming a pure Psychic type, perhaps as a result of the unique sort of spirituality practiced in Alola.

What do you think?

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