News and Updates: Geek.Kon 2017!

Wow, summer has flown by! I’ve been keeping busier than I expected, and this blog is one of the things that hasn’t gotten as much of my attention as I thought it would.


Outside of general personal reasons, I’m going to give a shout out to the weather. If you’ve ever woken up to 90 degrees, high humidity, and no AC, you probably understand the amount of days when I went back to sleep instead of blogging, right?

Now I’m going to make up for lost time. To start with, let’s go with some news and updates.

I’ve got a few blog posts in the pipeline. Less of the “I feel I should write something” like the Alien: Covenant post that I never got past the outline phase for, but more along the lines of “the content is burbling out of me so it needs to be blogged”. On top of that, I have some articles that I wrote for another reason that I think will be really interesting for followers of my content, so I’m going to be touching them up with some feedback from my professor and then sharing them. Oh, and the standard watched/read updates will be up to read.

Beyond that, I’m going to be staffing Geek.Kon in Madison, Wisconsin next month from August 25th through 27th. I’m going to hold off on announcing dates or times since they’re neither final nor public yet, but I’ll be having a solo panel in The History of the End of the World, announcing the winners of the Fan Fiction Contest and following up with Fan Fiction Discussion Forum, and discussing the Thirteenth Doctor in the annual An Unearthly Podcast Live panel later in. the weekend.

History of the End of the World is something I’ve been fairly excited about since I knew there was a chance of doing it. It’s borne from an observation I made about zombies in 2010 and has expanded to include a lot more since then. It’s going to make use of some of the research skills I’ve been working on at university as well as just enjoying as much post-apocalyptic media as I can. (As a side note, did you know that almost all studies I’ve seen on this topic are only specific to a specific type of media, e.g. comics OR films OR movies, without any interest in overall trends? Weird.)

Beyond these panels, what will I be doing? Well, as a first-year staffer, it’s probably something a little like this. In all seriousness, I’m less than 100% sure, but you’ll probably see me around if you’re looking for me.

What do you think?

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