An Unearthly Podcast 2/8/2022: The Nightmare Man (SJA series 4)

Looks like I misclicked when to make this video go live. I scheduled it for 2/19 instead of 2/12. Well, here it is!
In our 438th episode, the AUP crew start late due to painkiller interference for a short episode. Don’t worry, we still give “The Nightmare Man” its due!



00:00 Opening theme
00:46 Introductions
01:49 Banter
05:30 Birthdays
06:08 Big Finish news
08:16 Episode summary
11:46 Episode review: The Good
16:31 Episode review: The Bad
25:50 Episode review: Best Scenes
29:11 Episode review: Worst scenes
37:21 Final thoughts
41:42 Ratings
43:35 Wrap-up and goodbye

What do you think?

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