An Unearthly Podcast 4/5/2022: Dead Man Walking (Torchwood series 2)

In our 445th episode, the AUP crew look at the first trailer for “Legend of the Sea Devils” and aptly dig into some horror movies and games before we look at Torchwood’s brush with death itself in “Dead Man Walking”



00:00 Opening
00:44 Introductions
01:58 Banter
17:00 Birthdays
18:17 Lost Stories
20:31 Doctor Who news
42:16 Halloween 6
47:49 Saw: Spiral
52:30 Texas Chainsaw Massacre
57:40 Bloodstained
1:01:16 Vampire Survivors
1:04:56 Review of Shame: Reset
1:12:12 Episode summary
1:15:38 Episode review: The Good
1:20:17 Episode review: The Bad
1:28:19 Episode review: Best Scenes
1:35:26 Episode review: Worst scenes
1:47:16 Final thoughts
1:59:51 Ratings
2:02:38 Wrap-up and goodbye

#doctorwho #torchwood

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