An Unearthly Podcast 4/26/2022: Fear Itself (K-9 episode)

In our 448th episode, the AUP crew discuss casting the next Doctor, some breaking Big Finish news, and the Japan-to-US horror pipeline before we move on K-9's take on fear with “Fear Itself”!



00:00 Opening
00:54 Introductions
01:44 Banter
13:57 Birthdays
14:25 Episode ratings
16:45 14th Doctor to be revealed?
24:24 Big Finish new releases
25:17 Big Finish new ranges
31:17 Ju-On: The Curse 1 & 2
36:24 The Grudge (2002)
41:41 Ringu (1998) & The Ring (2002)
47:39 Episode summary
50:16 Episode review: The Good
55:45 Episode review: The Bad
1:05:27 Episode review: Best Scenes
1:10:30 Episode review: Worst scenes
1:22:57 Final thoughts
1:29:01 Ratings
1:31:44 Wrap-up and goodbye

#doctorwho #k9

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