An Unearthly Podcast 6/14/2022: The Evil of the Daleks (season 4 story) animated reconstruction

In our 453rd episode, the AUP crew talks about the new Dragon Ball movie, Ms. Marvel, and several BBC dramas in addition to covering news of…Neil Patrick Harris? Finally, we take a second look at “The Evil of the Daleks”!


#doctorwho #seconddoctor


00:00 Opening bump and theme
01:08 Introductions
02:22 Banter
14:50 Birthdays
15:44 60th Anniversary Special news
27:33 Big Finish news
28:08 Ms. Marvel first impressions
31:13 Yes, Minister (BBC 1980 series)
38:18 House of Cards (BBC version)
46:20 Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero
53:59 Episode summary
59:39 Episode review: The Good
1:04:30 Episode review: The Bad
1:22:28 Episode review: Best Scenes (except Ran)
1:29:12 Episode review: Worst scenes (Matt only)
1:32:21 Episode review: Best Scenes (Ran only)
1:39:33 Episode review: Worst scenes (except Matt)
1:49:56 Final thoughts
2:02:33 Ratings
2:06:49 Wrap-up and goodbye

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