An Unearthly Podcast 7/26/2022: Fright Motif (Ninth Doctor Adventures S2)

In our 457th episode, the AUP crew pay tribute to David Warner and discuss news from Comic-Con. Ran also catches up on some recent movies before we move on to today’s feature: “Fright Motif”



#doctorwho #bigfinish #ninthdoctor


00:00 Opening bump and theme
01:45 Introductions
02:51 Banter
26:00 Birthdays
28:44 Lost Stories: David Warner
46:41 Scribe Awards
48:54 Disney in Talks with BBC
59:01 Big Finish news
59:24 Comic-Con 2022
1:10:54 Spider-Man: No Way Home
1:14:11 Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness
1:17:05 The Batman (2022)
1:19:48 Review of Shame: Girl, Deconstructed
1:22:07 Episode summary
1:26:33 Episode review: The Good
1:31:57 Episode review: The Bad
1:41:33 Episode review: Best Scenes
1:45:50 Episode review: Worst scenes
1:51:17 Final thoughts
2:00:01 Ratings
2:03:19 Wrap-up and goodbye


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