An Unearthly Podcast 9/6/2022: Creed of the Kromon (Big Finish)

In our 459th episode, the AUP crew talks about some upcoming release news and binges Harley Quinn, She-Hulk, Archer, and Dragon Ball Super. We wrap up with our review of C’rizz’s origin with “Creed of the Kromon”!


#doctorwho #eighthdoctor #bigfinish — Watch live at


00:00 Opening theme
00:45 Introductions
01:44 Banter
12:37 Birthdays
14:50 60th Anniversary Special news
18:22 Season 2 Blu-Ray news
22:20 Abominable Snowmen updates
29:16 Big Finish news
31:06 Harley Quinn
33:19 Archer
34:53 She-Hulk
36:38 Thor: Love and Thunder
38:22 Star Trek: The Search for Spock
40:03 Star Trek: The Voyage Home
44:45 Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero
51:41 Death Dealer
56:37 Episode summary
1:01:17 Episode review: The Good
1:05:41 Episode review: The Bad
1:12:09 Episode review: Best Scenes
1:16:00 Episode review: Worst scenes
1:21:40 Final thoughts
1:27:56 Ratings
1:31:06 Wrap-up and goodbye

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