An Unearthly Podcast 9/20/2022: Lost in Time (SJA series 4)

In our 461st episode, the AUP crew celebrate actually getting some news on “Power of the Doctor”! We then move on to our annual look at the Sarah Jane Adventures with “Lost in Time”!


#doctorwho #sarahjaneadventures


00:00 Opening bump and theme
01:01 Introductions
02:37 Ran-san update
05:54 Banter
23:33 Birthdays
25:21 “Power of the Doctor” news
39:27 Big Finish news
41:54 Episode summary
51:58 Episode review: The Good
59:34 Episode review: The Bad
1:04:43 Episode review: Best Scenes
1:08:26 Episode review: Worst scenes
1:21:53 Final thoughts
1:32:51 Ratings
1:35:27 Wrap-up and goodbye


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