Pokémon Sun and Moon Wishes: Alolan Form Interlude

Since I’ve started posting my Top 10 Wishes for Pokémon Sun and Moon (several entries of which require extensive rewriting due to news released since I originally wrote them), a new group of Pokémon including 8 announced members has sprung to the forefront of the discussion. Almost overnight, the discussion changed from prospective Megas (though I do have more that I want to talk about – one of those things that requires extensive rewriting) to prospective Alolan Forms. So how’s about I give my spin on this topic?

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Pokémon Sun and Moon: Top 10 Wishes (Part 2)

If you’ve missed the introduction to this series of posts, click here to bring yourself up to date.

#9: Mega Flygon

This one is almost a foregone conclusion. Word circulating the internet is that the only reason Mega Flygon did not make it into Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire is that the design team could not agree on something in time, and the past year has been spent with the internet clamoring for this Mega. However, I do have some disagreement with the internet on how to go about this.

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Pokémon Sun and Moon: Top 10 Wishes (Part 1)

While my computer and I deal with what seems like a neverending barrage of technical barriers and the world is abuzz with Con season news, I am trying to get back into blogging on a regular basis. I know there are people waiting for content from me, so I’d like to sincerely thank you all as I do my best to get what I’ve already written somewhere you can read it.

I won’t say the hype has died down, but Pokémon Sun and Moon news has reached enough of an equilibrium with weekly news that I can talk about my own desires for the franchise created without me in mind.

For the record, “me” means an American who dedicates a few hours a week to the game, is still struggling to complete my first National Pokédex, and know enough about breeding to be very happy with the single 4 IV Masuda Method shiny that I’ve got without any expectation of ever having a perfect IV or full shiny tam. New generations and people who use the word “metagame” are the ones who have a serious impact.

While I talk about Pokémon Sun and Moon here on Insomniatic, I’ll be making posts about Pokémon Go over at Fantasy & SciFi Lovin’. I’m sure there are plenty of fans of this game as well, so please check my articles over there out and comment!

Still, I have the right to my opinion, and some of the things I’d like to see may even resonate with other fans. Some of them may even be possible.

For those who aren’t complete nerds, Pokémon Sun and Moon are the first two games to be released in the twenty year old franchise’s seventh generation. They are set in a fictional version of Hawaii (the Alola Region), feature an as-yet unknown mechanic that is probably an expansion of Generation VI’s Mega Evolution, and will feature, among other things, a free-for-all mode named “Battle Royals”. The games were announced this Spring and will see release in November.

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Game of Thrones 1.08: The Pointy End

Bloody Tough

This is something interesting: an episode directly written by Song of Ice and Fire creator George R. R. Martin. Whether this means it was actually written by him or is a pseudonym for a council of writers is another question, but it catches the eye nonetheless.

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Game of Thrones 1.07: You Win or You Die


Episode 7 starts off with another major character (wow, it’s not until you break it down into episodes that one realizes just how frequently characters are introduced in this series). Tywin Lannister appears straight off the bat and…he looks nothing like how I pictured him. This is particularly noteworthy because while reading the novels, I seem to recall seeing a social media post that Tywin looked exactly like how someone had pictured him in the books. I always pictured him as having a large amount of bright yellow hair and a big bushy mustache. I wish I could tell exactly what Tywin was butchering in this scene; I’d like it to have some sort of symbolic significance, and indeed it very well could be a stag, if only we could see more of it.

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Game of Thrones 1.06: A Golden Crown


Nobody intended it this way, buy Arya’s training with Syrio Forel was essentially her induction into a cult. In reading the books – experiencing all of this information for the first time – it completely escaped my notice that when Arya went to Braavos with nothing but the clothes on her back, she already had tremendous respect for at least one Braavosi. I realized this while watching this episode. This is the first time in the series that “He of Many Faces” is mentioned, although here he is referred to directly as Death.

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