Short Story: Upturn Part 7

“You realize you were seen, don’t you, you tramp?”

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FE/Marvel Strips 7-9

In 2006, I began an overly ambitious project (overly ambitious because it was never able to continue beyond its first installment) to merge with the Marvel Universe. Its tone is… well, that.  It’s all the humor of Fight-Evil (think a crass Silver Age comic) mixed with the mythology of Marvel.  Crash Dummie of […]

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Short Story: Upturn Chapter 6

Carla Manors, the manager of White Inn in Star City, was not known for having a short fuse. Nevertheless, when her only breakfast attendant was over a half hour past due to come back from her break on the busiest days of the week, she was getting a little snippy. The girl was good, Carla […]

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