Current Film Review: Avengers–Age of Ultron


I wanted to come up with a witty opening for this, but Avengers: Age of Ultron may have stolen all of the witty one-liners. In the universe as directed by Joss Whedon, quipping is a superpower, and there is enough raw power in Ultron to make Thor look like just one of the guys. Even the Big Bad gets in on it, which is normally not something you expect a robot bent on destroying the world to do. Unless they’re cyborgs written by Russell T. Davies.

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Film Review: 2004’s Blade Trinity


“But everyone knows the movies are full of crap. The truth is, it started with Blade, and ended with him,” the Narrator says as Blade: Trinity opens. “The rest of us were just along for the ride.” This can’t be more true. Why the hell are all these other shit heads in this movie?

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Film Review: 1998’s Blade


When I wrote this review, I had no idea who David S. Goyer was, at least beyond the scope of Blade. Several of the points made here are made very interesting by the fact that as I was writing about Blade’s connection to Batman, a Goyer-scripted Batman film was being released on DVD.

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Film Review: 1994’s Clerks.


Clerks. is a horse of a color you don’t often expect to see in Hollywood. No, literally, it’s in black and white. It’s also an independent film that amassed a huge following, strictly on the virtues of dialogue and other elements that director Kevin Smith had little control over. Is it as good as its fans would indicate, or is it indicative of Kevin Smith having made a deal with the devil to obtain his film and comic career?

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