Current Watching: Thanksgiving Edition

I purposefully held off on completing this post until I caught up on certain shows. Here are my thoughts on shows I’m currently watching in November! (NOTE: This was written before the Crisis on Earth X special aired; my thoughts on that will come elsewhere, both on An Unearthly Podcast and in my next TV […]

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Rogue One: Then Versus Now

As with any Star Wars subject, one of the most important things I had to do while watching Rogue One was to separate what I know from what is now true; separate the Legends continuity from that of the Reboot. While The Force Awakens stripped away a lot of content that always would have been […]

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Lords of the Sith full review!

The cover of Lords of the Sith features Darth Vader and the Emperor, each employing their signature form of aggression. Vader is rushing forward with his lightsaber while his Master stands off to the side, unleashing bolts of Force lightning. The blurb speaks of a dire mission the two must undertake together. Read the full […]

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