Current Reading: Fall semester

I haven’t had the opportunity to share what I’ve been reading in the past few months, so here is something a little conventional: the books I’m reading for the Fall semester. This is for my core 5 classes; I have a few research journals and a book on tutoring that aren’t pictured here.

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GoFundMe campaign

I’ve recently started a GoFundMe account titled “Man in Black Conquers Spain”. The purpose for this is to raise funds for a trip I will be taking in 2017 to Spain for the purpose of improving my language skills and broadening my horizons. If you wish, you can give a free donation, but I imagine […]

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Lords of the Sith full review!

The cover of Lords of the Sith features Darth Vader and the Emperor, each employing their signature form of aggression. Vader is rushing forward with his lightsaber while his Master stands off to the side, unleashing bolts of Force lightning. The blurb speaks of a dire mission the two must undertake together. Read the full […]

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What’s Up With Me?

I didn’t intend to make this sort of post.  It’s supposedly more likely to scare away new readers than to placate existing ones, and this blog is new enough to have a fairly small audience as it is. That said, I promised a certain number of posts per day.  I haven’t delivered on this.  I […]

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