Commies and Hippies: Fahrenheit 451

(This critique was originally written for course credit at Western Connecticut State university and the format reflects that. However, it is my expectation that the subjects and content appeal to readers of this blog, so here it is! Thank you to Dr. Oscar De Los Santos for your guidance.) Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 examined the […]

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Books Read July Update

Current Reading Update: Mid-July I had planned to post this before the Movies Watched Update as it helps that one make more sense, but apparently I forgot that part of the plan. Here are my books read since my last update, though! Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 – Another preview of the “books and movies I […]

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Movies Watched: July Update

Fahrenheit 451 – One problem of reading a book and then watching the movie shortly thereafter is that it’s hard to get that nagging feeling of what the movie “should” look like out of your head. This would have looked so incredible as an ‘80s movie and I’d really like to see a modern take […]

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