Welcome to Thor Week!

While I am fully aware that this is a brand new blog and there is no status quo, nothing to surprise readers with that they would otherwise have expected, there is also a flip side to that coin. That flip side is that I have never been able to avoid a special event or a theme time period. Here I find that the first new film release I intend to discuss in January is one that is preceded by two other films in continuity with it.

To this end I bring you Thor Week. We kick off with Thor: Tales of Asgard. This animated film gives us some tales about Thor and Loki’s childhood and ties in somewhat to the events of the two Thor live action films.

Next will come Marvel 1602. Forsaking the modern-day Dr. Donald Blake as his host, Thor appears centuries earlier in this incarnation, although still well after the earliest comics in Thor‘s chronology. What does Neil Gaiman’s alternate universe’s version of Thor have to say?

Bringing things back around to modern Thor, let’s look at one of the earliest films starring the Thor-Blake duo, The Incredible Hulk Returns!  This is a rather unique look, as part of the universe created by the 1980s Incredible Hulk TV show.

The singularly titled Thor comic is our next look, the volume that ends J. Michael Straczynski’s run on Thor with issues 601-603 and Thor: Giant-Size Finale. Does this comic deserve not to have a subtitle?

Thor, the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s introduction to the Norse god of thunder, was one of many superhero origin films released as a build-up to a Marvel cinematic event. This film also includes an explanation about how gods of multiple pantheons can share one universe, which is something I will share my opinion on.

Following this is Thor and Loki: Blood Brothers, a motion comic that focuses on Loki as ruler of Asgard. How does this motion comic work onscreen, and what does this mean for our Asgardians?

The week wraps up with Thor: The Dark World, the sequel to Thor and The Avengers. Does this continue to raise the bar, or is it a failed follow-up?

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