Lyrics: Fried Chicken

This is another horror lyric that I wrote a few years back, just freestyling in my head at work. I rarely remember the lyrics completely, but I tried to stay as faithful to the freestyle as possible – hence the 15 bars instead of 16.


I had her throat in one hand we was jokin’ around
’till the urge came over me to go to town
to stick it through her throat an’ hear the gaggin’ sounds
she almost knocked over my Coke so I dragged her down
dragged her ’round by the hair stood her up in the kitchen
stuck the blade into her abdomen like a raw chicken
spun her around, and pulled out a kidney
snapped some pics for my webmaster who lives near Sydney
she was so pretty soaked in blood
that I slit her down the spine from her head to her butt
pulled off her shirt, an’ took her by the breasts
thought of a number one meal, and dunked her head
into the chicken fryer, heard the sizzlin’ flesh
pushed her the rest the way in to get the blood off her chest
came to my senses, I’m like “oops, sorry Jess”

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