Interview by Members

In 2010, I was reviewed by  To date it is the most flattering moment of my life. Read on to see what was discussed!

Much of this information is likely to have changed, and I’m likely to go through this and re-answer some of the questions based on the experiences I have had over the past four and a half years.  This is still a very nostalgic time for me and was one of the best years of my life, so even though some of the relationships that may have impacted these answers have ended, I still look fondly on it. was (or is, to some extent, although it no longer has an accessible front page) a Star Wars fan site that I was a senior staff member of for some time.  As a result, many of the questions will be Star Wars related or related to that specific community.  Star Wars fans may enjoy this, but others might prefer to read only the first page.  Questions by the community are in regular text, where as my responses (under the pseudonym Darth Iurus) are italicized.

Who is Iurus?  Tell us about your life journey.  Read the Personal Questions here.

What is your favorite Star Wars novel?  Read the Star Wars Questions here.

There’s a GIANT ELEPHANT outside your window! What do you do?!?!  Read the Utter Nonsense Questions here.

This was originally posted on the NJOE forums on May 30, 2010.

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